About The Club


About the Club


We, the members of the Antique and Classic Car Club of Greene County, Incorporated, believe that antique and classic automobiles are an important part of the American way of life. We believe that Americans may better understand and appreciate the present, as well as the future, if they are cognizant of the past. Since antique and classic automobiles are existing testimonies representative of ages past, we feel that their presence will better aid Americans in understand bygone times.

Therefore, we have formed said club to promote the collection and preservation of antique and classic cars. This endeavor also includes the collection and preservation of certain automobiles which are neither true Antique nor so-called Full Classics. These are referred to as Special Interest cars. We sponsor, promote, and engage in activities to this goal, and assist fellow enthusiasts in the maintenance, restoration, and preservation of these automobiles without tangible profit to ourselves. This club is formed as a non-profit organization.


Name: This club shall be known as “The Antique and Classic Car Club of Greene County, Incorporated”. The purpose of the club: To promote, encourage, and assist in the preservation of Antique, Classic, and those referred to as “Special Interest” automobiles. To promote, plan, finance, and execute a yearly car show on the Fourth of July.


  • Monthly meetings, the second Sunday of each month at the Xenia Chamber of Commerce Building.
  • Monthly Meetings are at 6:30-8:30PM.
  • Christmas season, club dinner.
  • Occasional driving tours.
  • Occasional field trips to area museums, car shows, swap meets, factories and car repair facilities.
  • Presentations or demonstrations to schools.
  • Prepare and promote our yearly July 4th car show.
  • Sponsor and oversee the Friday Night Cruise-In.

We’re always looking for new members!

You are welcome to attend our monthly meetings held at the Xenia Chamber of Commerce Building. Come and be a part of the yearly planning for all of our events. It’s fun and helps further the interest in antique and classic automobiles. You don’t even need to own a classic car to join. Just an interest in the hobby. Click Here if you’re interested in attending a meeting.

For More Information Call or E-mail:
Tom Andrew at 937-429-8884
Ben Thompson at 937-372-3405

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